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    Dear members,

    Adventure Tribe follow the guidelines and rules laid down by the UAE authority. As a participating member in any event we request you to please read and familiarize yourselves with the following rules:

    · As Adventure Tribe caters to all communities within the UAE, our mode of communication at all times will be the English language.

    ·We are part of the UAE culture which is vibrant and is tolerant to all religions and cultures.Adventure Tribe consists of off-road enthusiasts based in UAE and Oman and we appeal to the members to observe tolerance of other religions and to be conscious their posts / discussions are not racist or otherwise offensive.

    ·Members must take care to post decent content and avoid adult / pornographic material. Please remember that this forum is open to your families.

    ·All civilities and humble approach to discontent are to be observed. Members should involve the Marshal in case of disagreement during a drive and the administration to resolve all disputes. Your constructive criticism is most welcome but should be in the form of a PM to the admin.

    ·Members should refrain from creating multiple accounts and these will be automatically deleted without seeking the consent of the defaulting member.

    ·All members are requested to sincerely avoid profanity and foul language. The administration reserves the right to discontinue any member from Adventure Tribe if found violating this simple code of conduct.

    ·All Members are encouraged to actively enforce these rules and report to admin any violations.

    ·The law of the UAE is very strict. The member indemnifies the admin, marshal and other members of Adventure Tribe from actions taken against him due to posts which desecrate religion, or subscribes to or professes websites or organizations deemed illegal by the governing authority. Such posts can or may be reported to the concerned authorities leading to strict action.

    Anyone who breaks any of the above rules can expect to see the post in question deleted and a warning to be issued. Any subsequent violation may lead to discontinuation of membership and the matter e solely depend on the consideration of the administration.

    The rules are created as a guideline and also as a general indication of Adventure Tribe members to be observant of the local law and rules and it is our aim to enjoy offroad driving while ensuring we are within the legal boundaries of the UAE.

    We hope you will enjoy participating in our activities and look forward to having you as members with Adventure Tribe

    ADMIN -Adventure Tribe
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