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GTG drive along with all level KR drives - Trip Report

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  • GTG drive along with all level KR drives - Trip Report

    It was indeed a good drive .

    We started of from Khatam in two convoys one intermediate and one newbie

    Vivek lead the Intermediate convoy with Bj and Nishant( yes he did turn up)

    Newbie convoy
    Yazad ( Second Lead)
    Iman (Vitara)
    Ajaz( Vitara)
    Arun( Pajero)
    Binoy ( Since it was his first drive with his new FJ) ( Sweep)

    Our trip was Khatam to Fossil Rock to Camel Rock to Al Faya to 2nd December

    Everyone in the newbie convoy drove really well especially our new members with the vitara and the Pajero

    The newbie convoy met up with the Intermediate convoy at Fossil Rock ( where we experienced the sand storm) , Al Faya and then finally at 2nd December .

    We ended the KR drive by 6:15pm at 2nd December for the Newbie convoy .

    The intermediate convoy continued to Tawi shops for a quick evening drive lead by Vivek and from there a few cars drove to Iftar bowl lead by BJ

    All in all a very fun drive, thank you all members for joining .

    Hope to you see you all soon and have a good week ahead.