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  • 2020 Ford Bronco 😍

    2020 FORD BRONCO

    Last Updated March 25, 2019

    Brace yourselves, off-roading fans, Ford is bringing back the legendary Bronco for 2020. Even though production ended over 20 years ago, the Ford Bronco has remained one of the best off-roading vehicles. While the full details and specs for the new Ford Bronco haven’t been released yet, there is quite a bit of talk surrounding the release. Nothing concrete has been revealed about the Bronco so far, except that it will definitely be making a comeback.

    2020 Bronco Newsletter 2020 BRONCO CONFIRMED TO HAVE REMOVABLE DOORS (3/25/2019)

    The 2020 Bronco will indeed be wild. In a dealer meeting, more info about the Bronco was released, including the exciting news that the Bronco will come with a removable roof and doors. The ability to remove most of the vehicle's exterior has been a big selling point for the Jeep Wrangler for years; now that the Bronco can do the same, the competition between the two will be even stronger. Speaking of removable doors, the 2020 Bronco also reportedly has the option for both a 4 and 2 door configuration, alleviating enthusiasts' fears that there would only be a 4-door version to appeal to the mass market

    Besides the information about the Bronco's removable top and doors, more details on the upcoming off-roader's appearance were revealed as well. While there are no pictures, people attending the meeting claimed that the new Bronco's style remains heavily inspired by its past. They saw a rectangular grille emblazoned with the Bronco logo and the trademark round headlights.

    There were a few more anecdotal nuggets of information from this meeting. For one, the Bronco reportedly will have solid axles on both ends and will be powered by EcoBoost engine. The seven-speed manual gearbox was confirmed as well. All in all, this news confirms that the Bronco will be a serious contender in the off-road market. Though Ford has indicated there will not be a sub-brand, they've referred to the "Bronco Family" enough that it opens up a lot of questions about how this new series of off-road-focused will affect the brand overall.

    With Automotive News noting that attending dealers referred to the new Bronco as "a game changer" and "twice as cool as I thought it would be", the new information and sentiments to come out of the event are sure to increase enthusiasm and positive expectations from fans. Now, it's only a matter of time until we get a first official glimpse of the 2020 Ford Bronco.